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ICON   E-Juice
In-House Flavors Name Description
Andromeda Blueberry, Vanilla and Pomegranate
Banana Who? Banana Cream Pie
Beetle Juice Blueberry Waffles
Bleggo Blueberry Eggo
Beetle Juice Raspberry, Mango, Strawberry & Pineapple
Blue Candy 'Nuff Said'
Blue Voodoo Fuzzy Peach Candy
B4 Eight Sweet Peppermint Dessert
Cactus Jackie Jack Fruit and Cactus
Capybara Apple Crisp
Cloney Island It's Berry Good
#Dafaq Jackfruit & Pineapple
Das-Mint-By She's Mint
Date2 It's in the name
Demi Girl Cotton Candy & Cactus Blend
Doug's Juice Cactus and Key lime
Down Under Strawberry Kiwi
Ermergherd Sour Cherry
Frost Bite A Fruity Chill
Godam Juice Strawberry and Watermelon
Jackalope Jackfruit & Cantalope
OJ Juice Keylime Pie
Orange-U-Glad Orange Creamsicle
Pillow Talk Creamy, Cake and Strawberry
Pom Bom Pomegranate and Blueberry
Razz Ma Tazz Blue Raspberry
Smurf Juice Creamy Berry Blend
Sumit-Else Rocket Candy
Sweet Gummy Gummy Candy
Thing 1 Menthol with a touch of Raspberry
Thing 2 Strawberry Cream
Tropical Blast Tropical Fruit Blend
V-2 Cactus & Strawberry
Zephyr Black Current Lemonade
Juice of the Month Just ask!
Tobacco Flavours Description
Rock Ridge Creamy Cherry Tobacco blend
Brave Starr Plain Regular Tobacco
30-30 Light Tabacco with slight coolness
Moo Mesa Rich Cherry Ape blend
Price: $20 per 120 ml bottle, $10.91 per 30 ml bottle - plus tax
Vapor XS Name Description
Banana Cream Remember the banana flavoured medicine that we all loved? YUP!
Blueberry Tastes just like it without the hassle of picking them
Bubblegum A sweet delight that taste just like the real thing
Candy Cane A sweet mint that taste like Christmas
Candy Floss Cotton Candy
Captain Black A great cigar taste without the downside of the real thing
Cranberry Goes great after a turkey dinner
Grape Dark purple color and taste just like a grape popsicle
Green Apple Who knew Granny Smith was a vaper?
Juicy Fruit As they say “the taste is gonna move ya”
Mat En Eh For those who prefer the smoother taste of the ‘Eh”
Menthol A great replacement for those dirty old menthol smokes
MLB A little harsher for those who like a stronger cigarette taste
Mountain Mint A mint flavour that is a little cooler and fresher
Munster The taste of the green energy drink not the 70’s TV show
Orange Dream The taste of the orange creamsicle ice cream bar
Peach A great mild fruit flavour for those with discerning tastes
Pineapple A taste of Jamaica but not overpowering
Pomegranate It is said the forbidden fruit was not an apple but a pomegranate
Red Bull It won't give you energy but you will get all the taste
Rocket The taste of the red, white and blue rocket popsicle
Strawberry Taste just like strawberry but without the U-Pick
Smokers Choice The Classic Canadian cigarette taste
Sweet Tabacco A clean tobacco flavour with just the right amount of sweetness
Sweetish Candy Sweet and Delicious just like red swedish berries
Tropical Punch So sweet and tropical you'll think you're lying on the beach
Tropical Sunrise Why didn't we just call the thing Watermelon?
True North A smooth tobacco blend with just a hint of fruit flavour
Price: $17.37 per 30 ml bottle, $50 per 120 ml bottle, $60 per 140 ml + tax
BMF E-Juice Name
Price: $10 per 60ml bottle + tax
LiX Name Description
DARTS Authenic Tobacco
SALTWORK ORANGE Orange, Hint of Mango
POUND TOWN Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Water...
QUAD BERRY Black Currant, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry
TROPIC ICE Mango, Passionfruit, Guava
MINT CONDITION Refreshing Mint
Available in 10mg, 20mg 35mg & 50mg - 30ml bottle $21.99