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Vapor XS

Vapor XS is a locally owned and operated Vapor Store. We sell the highest quality Electronic Vapor Cigarettes, Lab-Tested Fluid and Vaping Supplies.

For the person in your life who needs help to quit smoking...we offer gift certificates. Drop by and select the amount that suits your needs.

Gift Certificate

Jackie Moore

puppersI was born in St. John’s and I have lived there most of my life. As the Owner/Operator of Vapor XS, you will be gaurenteed to recieve the best possible service from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

I was a 30 year smoker and because of vaping I am now over 9 years smoke free and feel better and have more energy than I have since I was a teenager. I would like to help you do the same. 

Don't forget to drop by and meet one of my beautiful fur babies. They love attention and belly rubs.


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